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And more treats July 2004.jpg
Bonnie enjoying the treats after her swim July 2004228 viewsJul 12, 2004
Almost there this water is quite deep.jpg
Bonnie swimming in winter July 2004268 viewsI have told Bonnie that this is winter but she just loves the water no matter what the weather.Jul 12, 2004
Matinee jckt 2.jpg
Matinee Jacket for baby Young203 viewsMatinee Jacket knitted for baby Young by GrannyJul 12, 2004
Mathing bonnet 2.jpg
Matching bonnet for Matinee Jacket511 viewsBonnet matches one of the matinee jackets knitted by GrannyJul 12, 2004
Matinee Jckt for baby Young.jpg
Other matinee jacket for baby Young238 viewsAnother matinee jacket for baby Young knitted by Granny Jul 12, 2004
Bonnie waiting for dinner.jpg
Bonnie waiting for dinner310 views"Is dinner ready yet?"Jul 12, 2004
Bonnie hiding.jpg
Bonnie still hiding216 viewsStill hiding under the pillowJul 12, 2004
Bonnie Hiding 1.jpg
Bonnie hiding242 viewsBonnie hiding under a pillow on our bedJul 12, 2004
Bonnie food focussed.jpg
Bonnie food focussed417 viewsBonnie is very food focussed but then most dogs are, she just loves her meal times.Jul 12, 2004
Bonnie Chewing a box lid.jpg
Bonnie Chewing a box lid290 viewsBonnie's favourite passtime is still chewing unfortunately, maybe one day she will grow out of this.Jul 12, 2004
Birthday Flowers 2004.jpg
Birthday Flowers364 viewsFlowers given to me by Nyssa for my birthday April 2004Jul 12, 2004
John & Cathy with MSB leaving for Melb.jpg
John, Cathy & MSB on the day she left for Melbourne410 viewsA reminder of us being together before MSB headed for greener pastures in Melbourne. Sept 2002Jul 12, 2004
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