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Northern Gate Measurement267 viewsThe vertical piece of the northern gate, nearest the gate post, measures under 3 7/8 inches.May 30, 2010
Measurement of Southern Gate Post235 viewsThe large gate post (in the ground) on the southern side measures 7 7/8 inches. It is that dimension on all four sides.May 30, 2010
Measurement of Southern Gate Post235 viewsThe wood on the southern gate measures just under four inches. This is the vertical piece of wood nearest the gate post.May 30, 2010
Photographs of Screws from Top Hinges263 viewsThese screws were removed from the top hinges: they connect the hinge to the large gate posts. The screw on the left is from the southern gate post, and measures 1 3/8 inch. The screw on the right is from the northern gate post, and measures 3 1/2 inches. I showed this photograph to Marjorie thinking she'd be surprised. She said that the screws on the right (northern) gate all started to pop out, so Nigel replaced them on the day he came to pick up his cheque.May 30, 2010
Gate Closure226 viewsMay 28, 2010
Northern Gate Post248 viewsTop of northern gate post, photographed from inside the stable yard. Showing how hinge has been installed on the edge of the gate post, and cracks.May 28, 2010
Southern Gate Post261 viewsTop of southern gate post, photographed from the stable yard, showing the poor placement of the hinge and the cracks.May 28, 2010
Top of Southern Gate Post167 viewsPhotographed from the interior (stable yard) looking down our track. The other fencing (light colour) was installed in circa 1990. We did not specify that the gates be wooden, or that they "match" anything. The important feature to us was that the gates be six feet tall, and stop prying eyes.May 28, 2010
Lower Portion of Gates159 viewsPhotographed from the outside, showing how the boards are cracking. The northern gate (left in this photograph) has particularly settled, so it is dragging on the hardcore and the boards are cracking.May 28, 2010
Closed Gates133 viewsClosed gates photographed from the outside (west) showing how the closure doesn't match. We couldn't close the gates at all until our handyman sanded the interior edges of both gates.May 28, 2010
Wooden Gates158 viewsThe closed gates photographed from the outside (from the west).May 28, 2010
Southern Gate Post132 viewsPhotographed from outside the gates (from the west).May 28, 2010
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