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The top of a gate post396 viewsThe post, before it was installed, reminded me of the top of an obelisk.Oct 08, 2009
Kero and Digby Swimming with Ross1167 viewsAug 22, 2009
Kero and Digby Swimming with Ross816 viewsAug 22, 2009
Marjorie Encouraging Kero Into The Pool924 viewsRoss is in the pool with Digby, and Marjorie encourages Kero to take the plunge for a doggie pool party.Aug 22, 2009
Splashdown for Kero444 viewsKero in the water with Ross and DigbyAug 22, 2009
Filming for Channel 5 News282 viewsMarjorie, Digby, and Jonathan Samuels filming a piece for Channel 5 NewsAug 22, 2009
Marjorie, Digby, and Jonathan Samuels216 viewsFilming part of the news piece for Channel 5 News. Marjorie gives a haddock ice cream cone to Digby, not to Jonathan.Aug 22, 2009
The Dog Massage Area266 viewsWhen the weather is nice, Marjorie will massage doggie guests on a special table set up overlooking our quarter acre pond.Aug 22, 2009
Jonathan Samuels and Digby286 viewsChannel 5 News kindly did a segment on the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort. Jonathan Samuels, their Chief Correspondent, brought Digby, his cocker spaniel, for some pampering.Aug 22, 2009
Kero Enjoying A Swim332 viewsAug 22, 2009
Ross and Kero in the Pool377 viewsOne of the rare sunny days. Ross takes Kero for a swim in the pool.Aug 22, 2009
Malvern Gazette - 14 Aug 2009173 views"Council's spying on me over my dogs" The Malvern Gazette also ran the story of Andy Ferguson from the Malvern Hills District Council spying on us, in our bushes, with his camera and notepad --- accompanied by my photograph of Andy.Aug 16, 2009
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