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Steps Down - Stadio Olimpico193 viewsNo handrail for stability. This was taken from our row, looking down (note the large curtain that blocked our view). Another disabled spectator is helped down from her seat. I had to wait until most people had left, and then went down the stairs one at a time. It was pretty awful.
Me Sitting Outside The Ticket Office with Diego181 viewsWe never would have found this small porta-cabin --- the main ticket office for the opening ceremony of the Olympics --- were it not for Diego. The ticket folks brought me a chair and put me on some gravel (at least in the sunshine) while they tried to sort out the buraucracy. Although we paid 30 Euros for courier service, and sent four e-mail messages and made four telephone calls, they "forgot" to print our two tickets.
The Path to the Ticket Booth, Stadio Olimpico150 viewsAs incredible as it seems, this was the path to the ticket booth for the opening ceremony of the Torino Winter Olympics. The booth, in a porta-cabin in the Piazza d'Armi, could only be found via a small A4 paper sign, written only in Italian, nailed to a small stake. The Olympic Stadium is only about 50 meters to the right of this photograph. This was taken the day before the opening ceremony.
Opening Ceremony -- Winter Olympics Torino 2006151 viewsAs the opening ceremony drew to a close, they lowered a huge curtain in front of us. Incredibly, we could only see a tiny bit of the fireworks as we were essentially backstage.
Steps Up - Stadio Olimpico155 viewsThis photograph was taken when I actually got back down to the bottom. Marjorie's and my seats were in row 11, virtually at the top of this photograph. With no hand rail, and my right foot in a boot/cast, I had to be helped up these steep and scary steps by two other spectators. A pretty humiliating experience.
TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Gold Medal Winners172 viewsPair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics 2006, Palavela, February 13 2006
SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo - Pair Figure Skating147 viewsTorino Olympics 2006, February 13 2006. Bronze Medal Winners.
TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Russian Gold Medal Skaters181 viewsPair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006 at the Palavela
Winners Podium at the Torino Olympics - Pair Figure Skating3024 viewsFebruary 13 2006 at the Palavela: Gold TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim RUS 135.84;
Silver ZHANG Dan / ZHANG Hao CHN 125.01; Bronze SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo CHN 124.59.
MARININ Maxim - Russian Gold Medal Figure Skater145 viewsDuring the Pair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006 at the Palavela
The Silver Medal - Pair Figure Skating - Torino Olympics 2006165 views
The Australian Olympic Team153 viewsDuring the parade of the athletes at the opening ceremony, Stadio Olimpico, Torino - February 10 2006. The lady's dress is meant to look like the alps, with trees and small skiers.
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