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The Arrival -- Honolulu4961 viewsMy parents met at Leyland Powers, a school of theater and broadcast in Boston (long gone, I'd guess -- Google comes up with nothing). They drove across country and then took a plane (shown) to meet my maternal grandparents in Hawaii. On the way, they got married in Nevada. This photo shows Birdie (my aunt), my father, mother, and grandmoter at Honolulu Airport, summer 1948. I can imagine it was an interesting arrival.
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas85 viewsWe tried to get them to wear some silly Christmas "ears" that we'd bought, but the ears were too large, and Mugsy and Cavi were having none of it anyway. Christmas 2005.
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas60 viewsMerry Christmas! 2005
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas67 viewsChristmas 2005
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas66 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree at Lucies Farm. (Looking towards the heavens --- actually, to the cookie that Marjorie is holding just out of camera view...) Christmas 2005
Mugsy and Cavi with the Rawhide Christmas Crackers79 views
Distracted by the Rawhide Christmas Cracker72 views. . . a chance for us to briefly slip on the silly Christmas "ears."
Enjoying the Rawhide Christmas Cracker70 views
Mugsy and Cavi Having A Sniff57 viewsMugsy and Cavi are Boston Terriers.
Mugsy saying hello to the Berkshire ladies63 views
Mugsy deciding where to go next53 views
Cavi looking for that elusive mole50 views
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