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Lord Rannoch's DNA Test271 viewsOur Swiss customers required Rannoch to have a DNA test, so off we went to pull out some (not much) of his hair. It was important that the roots still be attached. Ever pulled the hair out of a bull? Here are the DNA results from Weatherbys Ireland.
Grzegorz Measuring Ross' Girth (Waist?)157 viewsMeasuring Ross for his harness. He's seven feet around.
Measuring from Front to Back134 viewsRoss was quite happy to be measured for his harness.
Grzegorz and Ross142 views
Ross' Temporary Home-to-Be161 viewsRoss will stay in this temporary pen during his stay in Manchester.
Grzegorz (x2) and Arthur Putting on Ross' New Harness146 viewsA pefect fit, and Ross didn't seem to mind the harness (and halo) at all.
Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns164 views
Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns134 views
Ross of Bien Esk Getting Ready to Enter the Manchester Opera House135 viewsHis first experience on the ramp and on stage. Led by Digby Gribble, Grzegorz Bednarksi, and Artur Ivanyan --- with Jack Thompson standing safely to one side.
Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns119 views
Ross of Bien Esk341 viewsWaiting behind the Manchester Opera House.
Grzegorz and Arthur Applying Gold Leaf129 viewsRoss just lay there and let the gold leaf be applied to his horns.
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