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My Desk - Whitecroft208 viewsThis is one of those pictures in a picture kind of picture. Here's my cluttered desk, with me working on (what else?) this photo gallery. Japanese maple outside my window: with the long summer days, the sun really shines in during the afternoon, but I don't like to shut the blinds.
Japanese Maple & Japanese Lantern114 viewsThe maple is planted outside my office window to keep the (rare) summer sunlight out of my eyes. It seems to be taking over. The Japanese lantern is from outside our Makaiwa Street home in Hawaii, from the 1960's and 1970's.
Bonsai in the Garden Tent550 views
Bonsai in the Garden Tent234 views
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer1139 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig --- what the Japanese call kurobuta ("black pig"). Kurobuta pork is highly prized in Japan, and we've decided to take it one step further and feed our Berkshire pigs the same diet we feed our Kobe cattle. This, of course, includes beer. Here Vic is giving Westbrook some nice cool beer on a hot summer afternoon.
Young Berkshire Boar5600 viewsOr "kurobuta" (black hog) in Japan.
Japanese and Indian Athletes - 2006 Winter Olympics130 viewsOpening ceremony at the Stadio Olimpico, February 10 2006
Japanese Athletes at the Opening Ceremony154 viewsWith an athlete in the center of the photo taking my photo as I take a photo of her. Stadio Olimpico, Torino, February 10 2006
Japanese Coach at the Speed Skating111 viewsAt the 500m Men's Speed Skating, Oval Lingotto, February 13 2006
Japanese Speed Skating Coach180 viewsThese are his hands as the skaters performed at the 500m Men's Speed Skating Championship, Oval Lingotto, February 13 2006. I was surprised at how hard he was squeezing his finger. Ouch!
Skaters at the 500m Men's Speed Skating Championship153 viewsOval Lingotto, February 13 2006
Japanese Spitz129 views
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