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Marjorie and the Coffee Cup125 viewsThe latte machine at the Little Chef at the Cherwell Valley motorway stop was broken, so Marjorie fetched a latte from the cafe stand. She almost needed a wheelbarrow to get it to the table.
Me -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy329 viewsWe went to lunch in Bra, Italy (I liked the name). While we waited for our food, Marjorie and I played around with my ultra-wide angle lens. I'm not sure this photograph of me is all that flattering: I don't think I will be using it when it's time to renew my passport!
Marjorie and Her Latte103 views
Marjorie Enjoying a Latte at The Swan288 viewsDouble click on the thumbnail to watch Marjorie enjoying her extra-hot latte.1 comments
Extra Hot Latte at Craycombe Cafe, near Evesham66 views
Marjorie Enjoying Her Latte67 viewsAt the Craycombe Cafe near Evesham.
Marjorie Enjoying a Big Latte52 viewsAt the Brasserie in the Grosvenor House, London.
Marjorie Enjoying a Big Latte at the Blue Zucchini Restaurant, Tetbury96 viewsWe had a delicious lunch at the Blue Zucchini Restaurant in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
Marjorie Enjoying a Big Latte67 viewsAt the Blue Zucchini in the Cotswolds.
Marjorie Having a Latte in Evesham56 viewsWe took the Vectra for a routine servicing, and had lunch (and latte) while they did their car thing.
Marjorie Having a Latte at Cafe Craycombe49 views
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