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Yellow English Rose155 viewsNear the dog resort, sunny late summer afternoon, mid-September.
English Countryside With Tamworth Pig971 viewsLooking from our 4 acre field back to Whitecroft (the buildings on the left). A nice warm mid-September morning in sunny Worcestershire.
Marjorie Rubbing Oscar's Tummy105 viewsOscar is very relaxed and enjoying the warm September afternoon.
Two Tamworth Pigs467 viewsEnjoying a late September afternoon.
Ronan and Missy Posing With Marjorie82 viewsAt Westmorland Motorway Services on the M6 --- a gorgeous late September afternoon.
C'mon, I'm ready for road food122 views
A pregnant parking sign!157 viewsMe trying to look pregnant. Actually we were parked in the disabled parking space next to the pregnant woman space. Took a break on our way to Cologne. Continental motorway stops are something else - you have to pay to use the loo!!
Work never stops!!145 viewsA lovely motorway stop! Calling Jackie to make sure all was OK for picking up Harvey and Buddy.
Do you think the people who use this camera also use those big bottles of perfume?106 views
Craig wants THIS camera!111 viewsIt was quite warm but not really warm enough for a fan but they were handing them out as you entered Photokina September 2006. Craig saw this REALLY BIG camera and wanted it!
Do you think we liked this camera?!108 views
Now, that's a lens!115 views
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