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Worcestershire Countryside159 viewsOn our way back from Tenbury Wells - May 2005
Worcestershire Countryside138 views
Just Part of the Four Acre Field316 viewsIn this section of the field, we have Betty, our Gloucester Cow, three Aberdeen Angus females (a mother and her two daughters), and our Aberdeen Angus bull. Just another sunny day in Worcestershire.
Kevin, Marjorie & Andy as Midwives1192 viewsOur Berkshire sow is giving birth to her litter of piglets. It's a glorious early summer afternoon, and Marjorie, Kevin and Andy are acting as the midwives.
Kevin Howdle2859 viewsKevin taking a break from helping Mermaid have her litter of piglets. Just another day in sunny Worcestershire.1 comments
Lennox116 viewsHaving a nice run in the grass -- July 9 2005 -- a hot summer afternoon in Worcestershire.
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer451 viewsA hot late summer afternoon in sunny Worcestershire.
English Countryside With Tamworth Pig973 viewsLooking from our 4 acre field back to Whitecroft (the buildings on the left). A nice warm mid-September morning in sunny Worcestershire.
Vic Giving Jake a Massage111 viewsPeaceful, quiet late summer morning in Worcestershire.
Vic Giving Sally a Massage91 viewsEnjoying a soothing massage in the quiet of a warm late summer morning, rural Worcestershire.
Khaki Campbell Ducks Enjoying A Rest404 viewsA late summer morning in Worcestershire.
Muddy Tamworth Boar2618 viewsHe's been sleeping in the mud bath. He almost looks more like a hippo on the Maasai Mara than a Tamworth pig in sunny Worcestershire.
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