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Chase and my Teddy Bear386 viewsI think this is a great picture of Chase, and it's the last known photo of my teddy. The teddy was purchased at the gift shop in Kapiolani Maternity Hospital the day I was born. It had a red felt tounge and wooden eyes. It went with me to university (my mother hid it in my suitcase). When Marjorie and I moved to the U.K. in 1986, Chase asked if she could keep it. And then my ex-wife, the Rev. Marcia, made Chase give it away. Lost teddies. Stinky ex-wives.1 comments
Kevin, Marjorie & Andy as Midwives1196 viewsOur Berkshire sow is giving birth to her litter of piglets. It's a glorious early summer afternoon, and Marjorie, Kevin and Andy are acting as the midwives.
Araucana Chickens Occupy the Pig Arc937 viewsIncluding one sleeping in the tall grass, just outside the door.
Araucana Rooster and Chicken7861 viewsWe put a pig arc in the field for Westbrook. He, of course, prefers to sleep elsewhere -- including the chicken house. So the arc has been taken over by the Araucana chickens.
Grandfather, Chase, and Marcia - Christmas 1985380 viewsFunny, although this picture is almost 20 years old, I can still see Grandfather sitting on that couch, eating cheese and crackers. We still have the leather chair (and the ottoman with Chase's Christmas pony). We moved the couch to England, and sat on it in The Limes. Chase sure looks happy!
Marching Poodle109 views
Barks caught on his feet!111 viewsBarks' favourite past-time is sleeping so this is a rare photo of him prowling the grounds.
Barks in his favourite position81 views
Barks looking very regal74 views
Molly Moe & Barks awaiting the bubbles with anticipation106 viewsCassie and Barclay were wonderful guests. I don't know whether they think this is food or not but in the final event, Molly Moe played with the bubbles, Barclay was disinterested.
I'm still in the hunt92 views
Anyone with cookies will do!!139 views
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