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Humphrey B. Bear - Crime Scene Photograph171 viewsHumphrey B. Bear has been savagely attacked by an unknown assailant. His injuries are fatal. We suspect one Tapa Dog, especially because there was Bear tissue spread throughout the front lounge, and Tapa Dog was the only known occupant of the lounge at the time. He had earlier displayed an unnatural interest in Bear.
Humphrey B. Bear - Crime Scene Photograph327 viewsIn addition to horrific injuries to his head (pending the autopsy results, it is thought that the facial injuries were the ones that caused Bear's death), there were also substantial injuries to Bear's left paw. In fact, his left paw was entirely chewed off by canine teeth. The tissue from Bear's paw was spread over a 10 sq. ft. area in what we believe was a horrific attack. We are waiting for further details from forensics.
Close Up of Tiny57 viewsLooks more like a bear . . .
Marjorie and a Save-The-Bear Bear81 viewsRoyal Bath & West Show, June 2005
Jet43 viewsJet looking more like a black bear.
Teddy Standing Up Like A Bear94 viewsIt looks like nightime, but it was only about 4:30 PM. Teddy is standing up, and looking more like a bear than a terrier.
Nell Chasing A Ball184 views1 comments
Nell in the Garden92 views
Nell76 viewsWaiting for the ball to be tossed.
Nell62 views
Nell59 views
Kai50 viewsKai is a bearded collie --- and pretty cute.
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