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Underwater Pig2823 viewsTo take the swimming Tamworth pig photo, the pig had to be gently pushed into the heated pool. Marjorie, in full SCUBA gear and with an underwater camera and strobe, waited for the pig to, er, fall. I was surprised at how quickly the pig sank. He then soared to the surface, like a submarine in a Sean Connery movie that's blown its ballast.
Bubbles in the Swan Fountain110 viewsFilling the Swan Fountain with water from the garden hose. The afternoon, winter sunlight shining on the air bubbles.
Chase in a Sea of Bubbles154 viewsIn the Red Sea, off of Egypt, 1996.
Marjorie Testing the Bubbles105 viewsThe dogs may be disinterested in the bubbles, but Marjorie and I like them.
Marjorie With Her Bubble Glasses122 viewsWe bought, at Selfridges, a small bubble blower. It actually fills the soap bubbles with some sort of ghost "smoke." Our idea was that the dogs would love the bubbles. So far, nope. When Marjorie was testing it, a couple of the bubbles blew in front of her face --- and they look a bit like Bubble Goggles.
Molly Moe awaiting the bubbles event61 views
Molly Moe with more bubbles64 views
All those bubble, the peanut butter and now ball - I'm exhausted!72 views
Molly Moe & Barks awaiting the bubbles with anticipation90 viewsCassie and Barclay were wonderful guests. I don't know whether they think this is food or not but in the final event, Molly Moe played with the bubbles, Barclay was disinterested.
Molly Moe & tongue80 viewsAm not sure if Molly Moe is enjoying peanut butter or soap suds!
Molly Moe wondering which bubble to go for85 views
I've almost got it!71 views
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