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New Highland Calf445 viewsHe hasn't been ear-tagged yet. The trick is catching him. Taken at Birchfields, Easter week-end 2004.1 comments
Highland Bull Calf with "Hi-Lite"269 viewsThis Highland bull calf has a pure white spot on his back --- a bit like a surfer dude. UK302940100044 born 15 December 2003. Sold 14 October 2005, and now residing on a mountain top in Lancaster.
Highland Cow, Her Calf, and Aberdeen Angus680 viewsThe afternoon of March 19, 2005, on our four acre field. The Highland calf was born on Thursday: she's a heifer. She looks like the folks at Steif created her. This is a photo of mother (a pedigree Highland cow), baby, and one of our pedigreed Aberdeen Angus cows. The photo shows the difference between a Highland cow (on the left) and an Aberdeen Angus cow (right).
Highland Calf - Two Days Old464 viewsA young heifer Highland calf at Birchfields, June 11 2005
Lord Rannoch with A Wife and Child646 viewsLord Rannoch posing in front of one of his wives, with one of his heifer calves (born the day before). A summer day at Birchfields, June 11 2005
Highland Mother and Her Son678 viewsBirchfields on a summer day, June 11 2005
Highland Cow and Her Calf220 viewsBirchfields, June 11 2005
Crying Highland Calf529 viewsThis is the second time in the past few days I've actually seen a calf cry. I suppose the water is to clear out their eyes (it's very hot, and I'm sure the pollen count is high) --- but it's sure sad to see them crying.
Betty Having A Good Look at Her New Son681 viewsBorn June 29 2005.
Newborn Gloucester Calf249 viewsOnly ten or fifteen minutes old.
Betty and Her Son235 viewsBetty licking her newborn son.
Ann Carman taking the Calf's Temperature4668 viewsAll normal . . .
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