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New Lord's Wood Gate247 viewsSome neighbours objected to our green burial planning application because they thought --- incorrectly --- that Lord's Wood was some sort of community "amenity." It is, in fact, our private property, and contains no public footpaths. To demonstrate this, we have reluctantly put up an electric fence and gate at the entrance.
Lord's Wood Fence and Gate212 viewsOur insurance company has asked us to please keep folks out of the woods. We have tried to do so gently, but some people have felt we were somehow in the wrong. "I've walked my dog here for 25 years," was a typical response. Alas, if you run red lights all the time, the policeman will still give you a ticket if he sees you doing so.
Lord's Wood Electric Gate207 viewsWe have a green burial forum where you can post your comments and questions. If you don't like the new electric gate, or have other suggestions, etc. --- please post them on our forum. Simply visit Or you can always e-mail me:
Marjorie Entering Wanganui203 viewsDo you really think Wanganui, New Zeland is the "Gateway to Adventure?" Of course, Wanganui is the home of the Happy Hen contest --- almost 30 years ago. To guess Marjorie's weight in eggs, click here. Please remember to guess her weight in number 6 eggs only.
Bab Al Shams Desert Resort - Dubai769 viewsOn the morning of our departure, the front desk manager called Marjorie outside to show her the rising sun. [url=]Bab Al Shams[/rl] means Gate of the Sun, and we could see why the hotel got its name.
Whitecroft Lawn, Daffodils and Gate95 viewsWe had to have this gate replaced because people walking down the public footpath would "peer" over the gate.
The Compost Heap and Kissing Gate206 viewsThis is in the corner of the farm, along a public footpath that runs on our property. As it's now sunny we're removing the accumulation of compost and using it to fill holes and valleys on our various fields.
Marjorie in the Yorkshire Hotel102 viewsPlaying on the bed (don't worry, the mattress was pretty hard and there were no box springs to damage).
Marjorie and Cathy68 viewsEnjoying a drink in The Yorkshire Hotel in Harrogate, January 2007.
Marjorie101 viewsIn Harrogate, January 2007
Marjorie in the Yorkshire Hotel74 viewsHarrogate, January 2007
Marjorie at the Yorkshire Hotel71 viewsHarrogate, January 2007
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