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Berkshire Piglets1074 views
Berkshire Piglets Playing With the Tamworth5228 viewsThese Berkshire piglets are supposed to be in the next field, with their mother. They can, of course, escape in multiple places, and they prefer to pay with the slightly older Tamworth pigs.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet5359 views
Berkshire and Tamworth Pigs Playing4709 viewsThe little black Berkshire (kurobuta) thinks he's a bit older -- and larger -- than he is.
The Berkshire - Tamworth Meeting3483 viewsThe little (younger) Berkshire piglet greeting the larger (and slightly older) Tamworth piglet.
Westbrook698 viewsThe Berkshire Boar
Westbrook507 viewsThe Berkshire Boar
Berkshire Piglets and their Mother971 viewsNot so small any more . .
Berkshire Piglets and their Worried Looking Mother656 views
Westbrook Having A Rest598 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig, or kurobuta. We brought him in to the stable yard to clean him up for a few photos. He loved the fact that this came with some celery, but after a while he decided to lie down on the cool concrete for a bit of a rest.
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer1144 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig --- what the Japanese call kurobuta ("black pig"). Kurobuta pork is highly prized in Japan, and we've decided to take it one step further and feed our Berkshire pigs the same diet we feed our Kobe cattle. This, of course, includes beer. Here Vic is giving Westbrook some nice cool beer on a hot summer afternoon.
Westbrook Enjoying A Cool Beer876 viewsHeineken, of course.
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