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Blue36 views
Blue and the Rain Train45 viewsWe have a great sprinkler (from the States) that runs on the "track" created by the hose. We had it out on the lawn for our one day of summer. Blue checking it out.
Blue45 views
The New Pig Lawn1055 viewsStill growing, with our seeds from Hurrells. They promise that the resulting turf will be pig resistant -- but for how long?
Kiko and the Rain Train481 viewsA hot summer afternoon with our Rain Train sprinkler in full operation (it follows the hose). Kiko pursuring the red ball.
Waiting For Me To Throw The Ball66 viewsThe black Labradors look like strange lawn ornaments, or those prarie dogs that pop up out of the ground.
Kiko on A Summer Afternoon338 viewsWimbledon final, so Marjorie is glued to the television set.
Whitecroft on A Summer Afternoon77 viewsJuly 3 2005
In The Garden -- Dowsett Avenue2539 viewsI'm playing with cut flowers. I'd guess this is late 1949 or early 1950, taken in the garden at 140 Dowsett Avenue. The great expanse of lawn and garden that ultimately became (sadly) 156 Dowsett Avenue.
Pushing A Lawn Mower288 viewsThe Health and Safety people would be thrilled to see me pushing what appears to be a gas-operated lawn mower --- with no shoes. Makes my toes curl even now, over half a century later.
Lennox Having A Roll On The Lawn61 viewsA warm summer afternoon, July 9, 2005. Lennox the Staffie is having a nice roll on the lawn.
Elvis Looking Quite Pleased With Himself282 viewsIt was a warm, sunny English summer day. After his walk, Barbara and Vic had Elvis out on the lawn to play ball, or see if he wanted to play with the sprinkler/hose. But Elvis really wanted to play-wrestle with Vic.1 comments
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