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Tess Jumps Right In191 viewsTemperatures were below freezing, but the sun was out and Tess wanted to play.
Aberdeen Angus Cow316 viewsEnjoying the summer morning, 4-acre field, June 29 2005
Berkshire and Tamworth Piglets Playing4656 viewsSummer morning, 4 Acre Field
Branston Having A Massage101 viewsA beautiful, warm Sunday morning in autumn. Vic giving Branston a doggie massage.
Holly Having A Massage89 viewsAs you can see from Holly's eyes, she went into the Zen Zone when having her Sunday morning massage from Vic.
Three Highland Cattle146 viewsPhotographed on a frosty November morning as the three Highlanders moved on to another place.
Ash Looks At A Bird165 viewsWhen I put my camera up to take a photo of Ash, she fell to the ground and started to roll and rub on her back. It was a warm Sunday morning, 4 December 2005, and she was feelin' good. Or watching the bird directly over her head.
Saturday Morning Breakfast - Home Made Pancakes with Worms270 viewsOne of our week-end treats is to have pancakes with "real" (i.e. fake) maple syrup. Marjorie cooked up a batch on Saturday. They looked good, but my first bite felt, er, "crunchy." I looked down on my plate and saw this little critter. Where had it come from?! A further search yielded a veritable collection of moths which we seem to have imported in some dates or nuts from Dubai. Yum, yum. We had toast and spring cleaned the cupboard!!
Elvis on the "This Morning" Pooch Party Cake198 views
Marjorie and Tapa on ITV's "This Morning"238 viewsThe Lucies Farm Pet Resort and Ritz Canine spa were featured on ITV's "This Morning" programme on February 22 2006. We brought Tapa to the London Television Centre so that Marjorie could massage him on air. This was photographed during rehearsal: Tapa looking at the Chihuahua with great interest.
Marjorie and Tapa on ITV "This Morning"96 viewsThis was a rehearsal of the "Pampered Pooch" piece on ITV's "This Morning" on February 23 2006. Their resident vet, Dr Scott Miller, gives Tapa a kiss.
Dr Scott Miller, Tapa, and Marjorie84 viewsA rehearsal for the "Pampered Pooch" segment on ITV's "This Morning" show.
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