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Berkshire Piglets16662 viewsWe bought Fairoaks Mermaid 4 as a pedigree Berkshire sow in gilt. The sellers, the Bignells, told us her possible farrowing date was May 26. On the appointed date, along came the piglets. This photograph was taken just after they were born.
Fairoaks Mermaid and Marjorie1995 viewsFairoaks Mermaid has just given birth to ten piglets. I took this photograph from the door of her pig ark. Marjorie is looking in the little hatch, and from Marjorie's viewpoint you can see the piglets. Mother was calm and considerate throughout. For those who think pigs are dirty, look at how she gleams, and look at how clean she keeps her home.
Kevin, Marjorie & Andy as Midwives1177 viewsOur Berkshire sow is giving birth to her litter of piglets. It's a glorious early summer afternoon, and Marjorie, Kevin and Andy are acting as the midwives.
Watching the Berkshire Sow2612 viewsThe pig ark has a small window at the end so you can see what's happening at the other end of the ark. Our Berkshire sow was giving birth to a litter of ten piglets.
Three Little Piggies1048 viewsThree Tamworth piglets, wanting to bite my shoes.
Berkshire Piglets1074 views
The Berkshire - Tamworth Meeting3483 viewsThe little (younger) Berkshire piglet greeting the larger (and slightly older) Tamworth piglet.
Berkshire and Tamworth Piglets Playing4664 viewsSummer morning, 4 Acre Field
The Rooster Guarding the Tamworth Pigs550 views
Berkshire Piglets and their Mother975 viewsNot so small any more . .
Berkshire Piglets and their Worried Looking Mother656 views
Cuddles659 viewsThe two piglets --- the entire litter --- cuddle for warmth under Mom's front leg.
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