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Tamworth Pig - Muddy Nose2421 views
Wild Boar's Snout8468 viewsLook at the length of his snout -- almost longer than his body.
Tamworth Piglets With The Sinister Pig635 viewsThe pigs live together in their own community. The Sinister Pig (she's about 16 tears old) seems to be a bit of an old aunt. The two frisky Tamworth piglets have no hesitancy in running all over her, and nudging her with their snouts. I wouldn't like to try that.
Two Tone Tamworth503 viewsWhat could be nicer than a muddy snout?
Wild Boar205 views29 October 2005
Wild Boar182 views
Wild Boar Running Along the Fence191 views
Wild Boar189 views
Wild Boar165 views
British Bulldog649 viewsI frequently point out to my English wife that the symbol of the United States is the bald Eagle -- free, majestic, soaring. And the symbol of Great Britain? Why the Bulldog, of course . . .
Tamworth Enjoying the Sunshine163 viewsOne of our Tamworth pigs wearing his Hoggles to keep the sun out of his eyes. This shot was taken by Dan from Caters News ---
Tamworth In His Hoggles238 viewsPhotographs of our pigs wearing Hoggles were printed in the Telegraph, Independent, Daily Record, Daily Star, Metro and on the front page of the Worcester Evening News. We had a visit from local BBC radio, and the pig was mentioned on the BBC Today Show and again on Chris Evans' BBC drive-time programme. This photo is from Caters News --- news@catersnews.com1 comments
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