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Resting His Head on a Bale of Straw152 viewsA bull taking a bit of a rest at the Royal Show, 2005.
Wild Boar At Rest202 viewsThe wild boar love the straw (etc.) from benath the Guernsey cow and Guernsey bull. I guess it's warm and smells, well, "piggie." They root around in it, sleep in it, and gradually convert it into soil.
Tamworth Piglets155 viewsThese Tamworth piglets are about one week old. We've moved them into the stable so they can reach a nice size before they move out to live in the pig arc in free-range field.
A Tamworth - Berkshire Cross Piglet122 viewsKeeping warm in a stable, in the straw.
Gloucester Old Spot Pigs140 viewsThe two Gloucester Old Spot sows, and their piglets, in their new, warm home in the Cotswolds.
Wild Boar Piglet147 viewsThis little fella wasn't gaining weight as the other wild boar kept pushing him from the feed trough. We have separated him, and have put him with the small Berkshire piglets in a stable.
Fresh Straw for the Pig Arcs158 viewsLaying a bed of fresh straw on drier ground, and then getting ready to move a pig arc on top of it.
Lord Rannoch in the Stable314 viewsWe moved Lord Rannoch from the upper barn into the stable so we can keep a close eye on him. The vet has prescribed a course of oral Phenylbutazone, and we're hoping this can help to reduce the stiffness from his arthritis.
Rannoch at Rest in the Stable183 views
Kalvin Spreading the Straw179 viewsPreparing the base for the pig arc.
Spreading the Straw Under Pig Supervision201 viewsKalvin spreading fresh straw.
Wrong Side Up196 viewsIt's called a Pig Arc, but it's supposed to go the other way around. Cathy supervising, as Kalvin is running.
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