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Whitecroft Swan Fountain at Night115 viewsTaken at about 10:30 PM on a hot, humid summer evening (June 19 2005).
Whitecroft Swan Fountain with Full Moon Behind Trees105 views
Teddy by the Side of the Swan Pond109 viewsHe really wanted to jump in. I guess the sound of the water falling sounded inviting to him. Taken on a very hot summer afternoon, when even I was ready to jump into the Swan Pond.
The Whitecroft Swan Fountain112 viewsThe water in the fountain managed to coat the reeds with a layer of ice. Not exactly a Jacuzzi.
Frank87 viewsViewed through the swan fountain in our front garden.
Bubbles in the Swan Fountain107 viewsFilling the Swan Fountain with water from the garden hose. The afternoon, winter sunlight shining on the air bubbles.
A Living Blue Willow Plate114 viewsWillow trees, particularly with spring leaves, always remind me of Blue Willow china. With a little bit of Photoshop, our front garden looks like a living Blue Willow plate.
The Swan Fountain and Spring Willows88 viewsChristopher just finished giving the water in the Swan Fountain a good cleaning. The willow trees by our front pond have beautiful spring leaves. April 14 2006
Swan Fountain -- Whitecroft Front Garden71 viewsA summer evening in mid-July, 2006.
Cygnet head74 views
White Swan235 viewsA photo I took for eBay. We were given this white swan some time ago, and it's hopefully going to move on to a new home very shortly.
Your Dog Magazine - July 2007111 views"Groom Service" With its comfy cubbyholdes, underfloor heating (and air conditioning in summer, of course), indoor and outdoor pools, webcam facility and range of souvenier merchandise for guests to take home, there's no denying Lucies Farm is pretty swanky. . . .
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