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Trailer Caravan Parked in Stable Yard428 viewsI love the bay window... Looks like we need to put some of the potted plants around it so it's not quite so . . . trailer-like.
The Trailer, Greenhouse, and Barn252 views... and, of course, our tractor. The farm stable yard on a hot summer afternoon.
Westbrook Having A Rest610 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig, or kurobuta. We brought him in to the stable yard to clean him up for a few photos. He loved the fact that this came with some celery, but after a while he decided to lie down on the cool concrete for a bit of a rest.
Ash in the Stable Yard320 viewsSept 27 2005
Ash the Horse306 viewsIn the stable yard, Sep 27 2005
Close-up of Ash the Horse299 views
Ash the Horse299 viewsSept 27 2005
Ash the Horse321 viewsStanding in the stable yard, Sept 27 2005
Kobe Burger Time254 viewsHaving some Kobe Beef Burgers in the stable yard before the rains come in. Marjorie with Big Grzegorz and Little Grzegorz and Julita.
Artur Ivanyan and Craig Looking at Ross227 viewsWe brought Ross into the stable yard to polish and oil his horns and hooves, and to give him a nice shampoo before his trip to Manchester.
View Over Whitecroft346 viewsShowing the roof of the garage and indoor pool in the foreground, the dog resort on the left, and the stable yard in the background.
Dog Exercise Area197 viewsThis grassy area, in what is called Maggot's Croft, is one of our favourite areas for ball playing --- you can see the stripe in the middle where the dogs run up and down (the land slopes away) to catch the ball. The stable yard is in the right foreground.
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