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Chase's Tattoo7854 viewsThe unveiling of the tattoo, Christmas 20031 comments
Marjorie's New Polo Shirt6916 viewsWe had a young Polish lady --- Agnes --- help us on the farm. She left one of Marjorie's Polo shirts to soak overnight --- but apparently soaked it in acid. She came to us from a recruitment agency, Claire Meade Ltd. They described her as "house proud." We didn't pay their fee.
Chase and Kiko in Sleeping Mode5986 viewsChase and Kiko asleep at Whitecroft - Christmas 2003
Hey, that's a shower to take your skin off..........3493 views
Barbara With the Fire Extinguisher2489 viewsThe Chubb man came to do his annual servicing of our fire extinguishers. Several were out of date, and apparently need to be replaced. So he asked if we wanted to set off the old ones so we'd have "experience" with them. Here's Barbara with a wimpy foam extinguisher. Vic, Andy, Tapa, and Emilia all look on.
Christmas at Whitecroft2475 viewsChristmas of 1990 (a guess). Chase, me, Kea, and Marjorie and lots of presents.
The Cider Mill, Colletts Green, Powick, Worcester2379 viewsA photo (looking north, across Colletts Green Road) of the shrubs in front of the Cider Mill. These are overhanging the narrow road, and scratch our car if we are coming from the west (left) and there's ongoing traffic.
Marjorie and night vision goggles2253 viewsWe purchased these Russian-made night vision goggles at a Photokina show in 1996 or so. They were impossible to wear and to use. With all the publicity surrounding night vision during Gulf War II, we decided it was time to eBay them. Poor Marjorie got to be the night vision goggle model.
The Great Room at the Grosvenor House, London2238 viewsThe gala dinner following the 2008 BAFTA Film Awards
Marjorie in Kitchen.jpg
Marjorie in Whitecroft Kitchen2111 viewsRipping some sort of meat apart with her bare hands.
WMF Gondolier Bowl2099 viewsWe purchased this large centrepiece bowl --- made from silver-plated "Britannia Metal" (pewter) in the late 1800's --- in Buenos Aires in 1995. As there's no room for it at Whitecroft, we've put it up for sale on eBay.
Marjorie1806 viewsWith the "Stop taking my picture and get in the car" look.
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