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Marjorie1877 viewsWith the "Stop taking my picture and get in the car" look.
The Orchid House1875 viewsIt's a cold autumn day outdoors, but in the Whitecroft orchid house it's always summer. That's our indoor (outdoor?) shower on the right, with a shower head like the Savoy Hotel. The shower head is currently holding our insect-eating plant: Emilia has taken great care of it, and it's becoming the Triffid.
Our Seats in the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden1427 viewsThe 2008 BAFTA Film Awards. Our seats were in the last row of the highest balcony. We could barely see the stage. As I walk, slowly, with a stick I was worried that I was miles from the nearest lift (or even exit) should there be any sort of a problem.
"Code 4 For Danger" Cast1360 viewsNow if only we could figure out a way to edit "Code 4 for Danger" so it could be watched....
Chase, Brett and the Christmas Skull1347 viewsFor Christmas 2003 I decided Chase would like a human skull. After all, for my birthday she gave me silver cufflinks made from her wisdom teeth. Did she like the skull? You be the judge.1 comments
A blast from the past1295 views2 comments
Shauna With Steroid Cheeks1111 viewsMy birthday (May 11 2005) in the Whitecroft garden. Poor Shauna --- imagine having to take medication that makes your cheeks puff out.
Chase at her Initiation1089 views
Marjorie in Hospital.JPG
Marjorie with Pneumonia1053 viewsMarjorie enjoying a toot of pure oxygen in the Worcester Royal Infirmary1 comments
Sunbathing at Whitecroft1042 viewsMarjorie and Pau enjoying the sunshine. Surprising how short the leylandii were in 1994 -- by 2010 they were 20 feet high, and needed constant trimming.
English Country Garden1038 viewsThe back flower garden at Whitecroft, planted by Kevin Howdle.
They hold staff meetings ...873 views
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