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David and Peter Wilesmith with Marjorie935 views
Selfridge's Sushi Bar - Birmingham855 viewsThe view from our seat. The gentleman washed his hands in the sink (arrow 1) and dried them by shaking them off. The water --- seen as drops on the stainless steel sink --- went into the shrimp he was peeling (arrow 2).
Marjorie with Pneumonia821 viewsIn early 2003 Marjorie had a bad bout of pneumonia. Here she's prowling the corridors of the Worcester Royal Infirmary with the physical therapist.
Marjorie Crossing the Dam819 viewsHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 comments
Kevin Howdle's Birthday - June 1 2005766 viewsThis is like one of those pictures of a mirror where there's a picture of a mirror inside the picture of the mirror.
......... and crosses, too763 views
Marjorie has had enough721 viewsMarjorie certainly did not enjoy her ten days in the Worcester Royal Infirmary. I think she want out....
The Triangle, Manchester712 viewsA gorgeous early spring (late winter?) evening in Manchester.
...... take a good look, cos ......674 views
Lionfish634 viewsOur poor lionfish just stopped eating. It was as though he went blind. And then he expired. His grave is near the Whitecroft pond.
Craig's Excellent Hat622 viewsWe went shopping at the new Selfridge's in Birmingham. Fortunately, the only part of his hat I took home was this picture, snapped with my cell phone camera.
Marjorie in Marks & Spencer619 viewsMarjorie in the Egoboost department of Marks & Spencer.
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