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Snow in Whitecroft Back Garden338 viewsThe pool is under there somewhere. This Widelux photo was taken before we remodeled the back of the house.
Marjorie, Craig and Prince Charles333 viewsPoor Prince Charles having to meet people like us in a tent somewhere in Gloucestershire. Marjorie holding him at bay with her nails.
Marjorie in London328 viewsMarjorie always loves me taking close-up photographs --- not...!1 comments
Whitecroft Conservatory327 viewsAnd if you look closely, you can see Kiko watching me from inside.
My Steak Sandwich at "It's All About Me" - Ironbridge327 viewsWe stopped in Ironbridge to have lunch. The name of this restaurant caught our attention, and it had a gorgeous sunny terrace overlooking the Severn. We ordered steak sandwiches. This is mine --- the largely uncooked fat was on the side of the steak. I couldn't bite through the steak because of this large streak of fat. When we asked to have the meals re-cooked, we were told our re-orders would be put in the queue behind other diners. We left.3 comments
Humphrey B. Bear - Crime Scene Photograph323 viewsIn addition to horrific injuries to his head (pending the autopsy results, it is thought that the facial injuries were the ones that caused Bear's death), there were also substantial injuries to Bear's left paw. In fact, his left paw was entirely chewed off by canine teeth. The tissue from Bear's paw was spread over a 10 sq. ft. area in what we believe was a horrific attack. We are waiting for further details from forensics.
Sunset, Malvern Hills, Electricity Cables297 viewsHeading down the A449 towards Malvern. the Malvern Hills are on the left, the sun in the middle, and some ugly electric cables on the right.
Christmas 2002 - Marjorie at Whitecroft282 views
Margaret's Birthday Party281 viewsThe Wilson Women showing their assets at Margaret's birthday party - Wales 2003
Severn Bore - Awaiting Breakfast and Wave278 viewsWe made breakfast reservations at the Severn Bore Pub and got up really early. The plan was to have breakfast-then-bore, but they were so crowded we had to wait until after the "event" to have our fry-up.
Marjorie in a hotel room in London273 viewsI don't even remember why we went to London, but the hotel room was very, very white.
Kevin Riding Bertie - Whitecroft 2003261 views
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