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Time to play582 views
Kiko and the Rain Train575 viewsA hot summer afternoon with our Rain Train sprinkler in full operation (it follows the hose). Kiko pursuring the red ball.
Butter wouldn't melt........568 views
Kiko Asleep Under My Chair566 viewsMarjorie snapped this picture of Kiko sleeping, face down, right under my office chair.
Kiko's Eyes560 viewsThey say that dogs don't have good eye contact because they think it's a "challenge." Kiko has always had great eye contact, and it's never been in a challenging way. In fact (and is this anthropomorphising?) it seems quite loving and kind.
Another Photo of Kiko Sleeping558 viewsKiko all curled up in the lounge, sound asleep. He looks like a big kidney bean. May 4 2005, Whitecroft
Kiko Enjoying Skippy, His Favourite Peanut Butter552 viewsMost of our doggie guests --- and our own dogs --- enjoy peanut butter. We normally gently put a dab on the roof of their mouth to give them licking pleasure. But Kiko, our bull terrier, wants to go for the whole jar of Skippy.
Kiko in the Driver's Seat545 viewsBuckle your seat belt, Kiko, and away you go . . .
Kiko Having A Nap514 viewsKiko loves sun, so he loves the couch in the conservatory. Having a nice nap in the late summer sunshine.1 comments
Tapa and the Garden Hose506 views
............ and three501 views
Ann and Bob Bandera -- With Kiko499 viewsWhitecroft, December 2005
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