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C'mon, let's keep up861 views
Motherhood835 viewsThis Tamworth sow had her first litter. Unfortunately, she's only had two piglets, but they're pretty cute. She chose to have them outdoors, on a bed of straw, rather than in the near-by pig ark. Here the piglet has a good look at Mom.
Berkshire Piglet in the Kiddie's Pool832 viewsWe bought an inexpensive kiddie's pool at Argos to see if the piglets would like a swim. They didn't.
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 2005820 views2 comments
Happy Tamworth Pigs818 viewsThese healthy, happy Tamworth pigs seem -- at least to me -- to be smiling. They're having a nice, cool rest in the dry dirt.1 comments
Greg and Emilia Try To Lure the Swimming Pig Back Home813 viewsAfter his romp in the pool, the swimming Tamworth pig wanted to mooch around the garden. He clearly wasn't going anywhere on a halter. So we took it off and lured him back (more or less successfully) to his pig friends with a bucket of feed and some apples.
Tamworth Piglets With The Sinister Pig762 viewsThe pigs live together in their own community. The Sinister Pig (she's about 16 tears old) seems to be a bit of an old aunt. The two frisky Tamworth piglets have no hesitancy in running all over her, and nudging her with their snouts. I wouldn't like to try that.
Tamworth Piglet754 viewsAbout eight weeks old.
Westbrook and Vic Enjoying A Laugh Together752 views... and a beer.1 comments
Kurobuta Roast Rack of Pork750 viewsWith delicious, crispy scored crackling on the outside, and moist pork on the inside.1 comments
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets748 viewsWe were sent some nice photos of the piglets at their new home in the Cotswolds. That's snow in the foreground.
They'll never believe this back home743 views12 Norwegian agricultural students visited us March 2007 and wanted to go swimming with pigs. These girls are really brave because although the pool is heated it is early March and the water isn't that warm.
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