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Is this a facial?6284 views
A Young Berkshire Pig Boar6247 viewsOr "kurobuta" in Japan.
Swimming Pigs - Maxim Magazine, January 056242 viewsOur accountant sent us this photograph from Maxim magazine showing one of our Tamworth pigs having a nice swim in the pool.
Gloucester Old Spot - Tamworth Cross Piglets6241 viewsAbout six or seven months ago a farmer asked if he could bring his two Gloucester Old Spot sows to Lucies Farm so they'd have a litter of Tamworth - GOS piglets. The farmer visited us several times and then vanished, leaving us with the babies (and their mothers). These are part of the two combined litters.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet6004 views
Berkshire Piglets Playing With the Tamworth5739 viewsThese Berkshire piglets are supposed to be in the next field, with their mother. They can, of course, escape in multiple places, and they prefer to pay with the slightly older Tamworth pigs.
Young Berkshire Boar5671 viewsOr "kurobuta" (black hog) in Japan.
Here They Come . . .5431 viewsThe Tamworths (mother and piglets) chasing me as I keep trying to run ahead of them.
Tamworth Piglet in the Mud Bath5354 views
Wrong Way, Dear5354 viewsAs the sow we'd just moved from the other field (and had also just weaned her first litter of piglets) came out of the truck, her two sisters were curious and were heading inside.
Pigs Lined Up At The Fence5349 viewsThe young Tamworth boars (red) and young Berkshire boar, Westbrook (black) line up at the fence --- with the alpacas in the background.
Piggie Greeting5326 viewsThe Tamworth sow has just said good-bye to her first litter. She was a wonderful mother: lost none of her babies. But she seemed a bit relieved to see them go. And the Tamworth boar was happy to see her, although I don't know that he has it quite right.
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