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Tamworth in the Mud Bath3401 views
Berkshire and Tamworth Pigs Playing3382 viewsThe little black Berkshire (kurobuta) thinks he's a bit older -- and larger -- than he is.
Baby Tamworth3333 viewsThis piglet is chewing a twig or something in the mud bath. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon, June 26 2005
Piglet, Mother, and Mud3333 views
Berkshire and Tamworth Piglets Playing3315 viewsSummer morning, 4 Acre Field
Resting Tamworth Pigs3284 viewsWith a chicken keeping watch over the sleeping pigs.
Berkshire Piglet on a Summer Afternoon3271 views
Three Alpacas3239 viewsWith Westbrook, the Berkshire boar, in the foreground, and a couple of young Tamworth boars in the background.
Westbrook3223 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig boar. He currently lives in the tall grass of the chicken field. I sat down to take his photograph and he wanted to take large bites out of my legs, arm, and (especially) shoes. He's getting big and strong, so I suspect my sitting on the ground with him will be a thing of the past.
Yeah, he's so big cos he's always scoffing3186 views
The Swimming Tamworth3174 viewsOnce we got him in the pool, there was no stopping him. He's a strong swimmer, and he raced around the edge of the pool like an Olympic athlete.
The Kune Kune Princess3131 viewsChase's pig -- a cross between a Kune Kune (hence the wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot (hence the spots). Not the prettiest pig in the patch, but to the enthusiastic young Berkshire boar, seen part way up her back, she's the personification of pulchritude.3 comments
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