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Tamworth Curiosity2278 viewsWe were in one field watching the Berkshire pig give birth. Naturally, the Tamworth pigs in the next field were nosy --- particularly if any of our activities involved food. Convenient how the snout can go through stock fencing.
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 20052257 viewsSmiling pig, resting after the show.1 comments
Westbrook the Berkshire Boar2233 views
Betty (Gloucester) and Friend2230 viewsBetty, our Gloucester cow, is hopefully a week or two away from having her first calf. Here she is with one of our Aberdeen Angus heiffers. Note the roof thatching in the background. Rural England on an early summer afternoon.
Tamworth Pig Fur2194 viewsOr is it called bristle?
Let Sleeping Pigs Lie2175 viewsThe Tamworth boars having a nice nap, with Westbrook (the black Berkshire pig, or kurobuta) the odd man out.
The Alpaca Standing Guard over The Pigs2173 viewsA cool early September day. The alpaca is standing guard over the sleeping pigs. This alpaca is in love with Westbrook, the Berkshire boar, and the alpaca rarely goes anywhere without Westbrook. The red pigs are Tamworth boars.
Tamworth "in the zone"2060 viewsShe's just covered her nose with a liberal coating of mud, and that's made her thirsty.1 comments
Fairoaks Mermaid and Marjorie2028 viewsFairoaks Mermaid has just given birth to ten piglets. I took this photograph from the door of her pig ark. Marjorie is looking in the little hatch, and from Marjorie's viewpoint you can see the piglets. Mother was calm and considerate throughout. For those who think pigs are dirty, look at how she gleams, and look at how clean she keeps her home.
This is soooooo cool2017 views
I don't need your help; I can swim all by myself2006 views
Tamworth Piglets1951 viewsTwo days old.
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