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Tamworth Chicken, Black Rock Chicken, Greyhound Birthday Cake1669 viewsA productive use for an unwanted birthday cake.
Swimming Tamworth Pig1659 viewsDespite having three people in the pool (Marjorie in complete SCUBA gear) and three on the pool deck, the Tamworth seemed to enjoy his swim in the heated pool.1 comments
Pig, Pig, Pig, Alpaca, Alpaca1643 viewsTwo Tamworth boars (the red pigs), Westbrook the Berkshire boar, and our two elderly alpacas --- enjoying a summer afternoon.
Mother Tamworth and Her Two Piglets1507 viewsOkay, not really a litter to write home about. But what they lack in numbers they make up in cuteness.
Berkshire Piglets1507 viewsA couple of Berkshire (Kurobuta) piglets playing.
Westbook, Tamworth Boar & Alpaca1495 viewsWestbrook (the black Berkshire boar), a Tamworth boar, and an alpaca --- looking for food.
I'm out to play1468 views
Underwater Pig1439 viewsThe Tamworth pig, viewed from underwater, swimming around the pool. Taken by Marjorie --- dressed in full SCUBA gear and with an underwater Nikonos V camera. The reflection is the surface of the water, viewed from below.
It's just too hot to do anything1408 views
Goin' for another dive?1386 views
Westbrook at the Powick Parish Fete1361 viewsWe cooked Scottish | Kobe burgers at the Powick Parish Fete, May 28 2005. We also brought Westbrook Peter Lad (born 1 March 2005) --- our Berkshire boar. He was fine --- as though going to a fete was something he did every week.
A Tamworth - Berkshire Cross Pig1253 viewsWhoops. How did that happen?
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