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Most viewed - Tamworth & Berkshire Pigs
It's just too hot to do anything1451 views
A Tamworth - Berkshire Cross Pig1434 viewsWhoops. How did that happen?
Kune Kune - Gloucester Old Spot Cross1346 viewsLooks like something from Star Wars.
Nosy Pig1301 viewsTamworth pig showing me that his nose can go right through the fence, thank you.
Young Tamworth Boars1280 viewsEnjoying a warm summer afternoon in the tall grass.
Tamworth (top) and Berkshire (bottom) Boars1262 viewsWestbrook, our Berkshire boar, will only put up with this "pig cuddling" for about two seconds!
Two Cuddly Tamworth Pigs -- Royal Show 20051238 views
The Two Piglet Litter and Mom1232 viewsThis Tamworth sow had a litter of two cute piglets. Despite the fact that she was near a pig ark, she decided to have her litter in a pile of straw near the fence.
Kevin, Marjorie & Andy as Midwives1174 viewsOur Berkshire sow is giving birth to her litter of piglets. It's a glorious early summer afternoon, and Marjorie, Kevin and Andy are acting as the midwives.
Tamworth at the Feed Trough1171 viewsHaving a bit of a snack.
Westbrook, Tamworth Boar & Alpaca1163 viewsWestbrook (our Berkshire boar), a Tamworth boar, and an alpaca enjoying a summer afternoon --- and coming for food.
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer1141 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig --- what the Japanese call kurobuta ("black pig"). Kurobuta pork is highly prized in Japan, and we've decided to take it one step further and feed our Berkshire pigs the same diet we feed our Kobe cattle. This, of course, includes beer. Here Vic is giving Westbrook some nice cool beer on a hot summer afternoon.
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