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Most viewed - Tamworth & Berkshire Pigs
Three Little Piggies953 viewsThree Tamworth piglets, wanting to bite my shoes.
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer925 views
Berkshire Pig and Some Tamworth - Berkshire Cross Pigs921 viewsWhoops, how did this happen?
Tamworth Sow and Her Piglet913 views2 comments
English Countryside With Tamworth Pig891 viewsLooking from our 4 acre field back to Whitecroft (the buildings on the left). A nice warm mid-September morning in sunny Worcestershire.
Barbara and the Swimming Tamworth Pig880 views
Tamworth Having A Good Scratch862 viewsWhen mom started to scratch herself on the fence post, a cloud of clay dust appeared.
The Old and the New856 viewsThe Tamworth pigs are about to be moved to a nice grassy field in the four acre field. This will give us a chance to renew and replant their field. This photo shows the contrast: the green field in the back has recently been re-planted with a pig resistant turf from Hurrells.
Berkshire Piglets and their Mother831 viewsNot so small any more . .
Westbrook Sharing His Trough818 viewsWestbrook, our Berkshire pig, is sharing his food with the three alpacas. Certainly a strange combination, but they seem to get along just fine.
Happy Halloween from the Pigs815 viewsWe wanted a photo of a pig pumpkin for an e-mail newsletter. Couldn't find one with any of the stock agencies, so decided we had to try to create a pig pumpkin oursleves. Having never carved a pumpkin before, this was an interesting challenge. But here it is. Oink, oink! And now we get pumpkin soup and pumpkin seeds....
Kurobuta Pig With A Mouth Full of Grain786 viewsApparently we failed to teach this Kurobuta pig good table manners. Here is laughing out loud with a mouth full of grain. How piggy!
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