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Most viewed - Wild Boar
Wild Boar's Snout9073 viewsLook at the length of his snout -- almost longer than his body.
Mother and Child8909 viewsA couple of wild pigs at Whitecroft.
Senior Male With Fine Tusks8659 viewsAccording to UNESCO, "In Vanuatu, items such as boar tusks and stringed shell money are traditional forms of wealth. They have both cultural and economic importance, highly valued for their exchange value and social prestige." The boar's tusk is even prominent on the flag of Vanuatu. This boar, however, is in sunny Worcestershire.
Wild Boar Feeling Frisky4484 views
An Adolescent Wild Boar2494 views
Wild Boar in the Mud at Maggot's Croft1717 viewsThis field, originally an orchard, came with the prosaic name of Maggot's Croft. Despite our planting pig-resistant grass from Hurrells (a specialist seed company) the wild boar manage to remove all traces of grass in a matter of weeks.
Wild Boar's Eyes1612 viewsKeeping an eye on me. Did I bring food?
Our Newest Addition - Wild Boar1313 viewsHaving obtained our License to Keep Dangerous Wild Animals from the Malvern Hills District Council, we have just purchased a wild boar, sow, and four wild piglets from Cleeve House Farm. Here's the boar as he took his first prowl around his field.
The Elders Having a Conference1169 views
Pig Arc Moved And With a Bed of Fresh Straw764 viewsKalvin surveying the wild boar. The image of one of our former colleagues has been removed at his specific request -- hence the mysterious brown rectangle.
Turning the Pig Arc Over666 viewsWe had to tell Kalvin to move: if he didn't, when the arc flipped right-side-up he'd be inside it.
"New" Wild Boar639 viewsWe picked him up on August 27 2005. The existing wild sow doesn't really like him, but so far he's kept his distance and there haven't been any real fights.
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