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Most viewed - Wild Boar
Wild Boar471 viewsThis is the young wild boar, almost laughing at me. I'd rather him laugh than chase me . . .
Moving the Pig Arc to the Fresh Straw Bed457 viewsOnce over the bed of straw, the arc will be lowered by the tractor, and then turned right-side up.
Richard Chamings Performing Surgery on the Wild Boar442 views
Richard Chamings With the Spring Hypodermic Needle436 viewsGetting close to the wild boar proved to be quite a challenge. Richard was finally able to to administer the tranquiliser using a spring-loaded syringe.
Wild Boar Moving from One Paddock to the Next432 views
Wot, you don't expect to see wild boar in England417 views
I'm keeping my eye on you412 views
Wild Boar Piglet404 views
Richard Chamings (right) and Big and The Wild Boar340 viewsOur newly-arrived wild boar has a prolapse, possibly from all the rich, new grass at his new home. Here Big (left) and our vet, Richard Chamings operate on the boar's rear. Tranquilising a wild boar proved to be quite a challenge: he just didn't want to lie down.
Wild Sow Enjoying the Summer Afternoon305 views
Sunflower286 viewsThis sunflower -- and only this one -- is growing along the fence in the wild boar field. The pigs haven't even touched it.
Wild Boar270 viewsLooking quite content in the tall grass.
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