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Most viewed - Wild Boar
Wild Sow Sleeping in the Tall Grass260 viewsLooks more like the African jungle than sunny Worcestershire. The wild boar wrap themselves in tall grass, and almost make a nest for themselves.
Wild Boar Piglet on the Run213 viewsWith the characteristic stripes.
Still after food203 views
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm196 views
Three Baby Wild Boar195 viewsWe had to get a Dangerous Animals Act license to keep wild boar. Don't these guys look dangerous?
Wild Boar At Rest193 viewsThe wild boar love the straw (etc.) from benath the Guernsey cow and Guernsey bull. I guess it's warm and smells, well, "piggie." They root around in it, sleep in it, and gradually convert it into soil.
Spreading the Straw Under Pig Supervision192 viewsKalvin spreading fresh straw.
Wrong Side Up183 viewsIt's called a Pig Arc, but it's supposed to go the other way around. Cathy supervising, as Kalvin is running.
......... I'm full now170 views
Kalvin Spreading the Straw168 viewsPreparing the base for the pig arc.
Time to think of another tactic!161 views
Wild Sow and Children at the "Watering Hole"160 viewsOkay, it's not a watering hole. They have piped-in water troughs with fresh water. This is one of their wallows. But muddy water tastes better, I guess, than fresh Malvern water.
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