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......... I'm full now229 views
Wild Boar227 viewsThe young wild boar foamed at the mouth as he ran back and forth along the fence line. I'm told wild boar are dangerous if cornered. I guess this is what you'd see if you were up close and personal (I had a telephoto lens).
Young Wild Boar223 views
Time to think of another tactic!217 views
Wild Boar216 viewsWhile foaming at the mouth, he then suddenly started to exercise his bottom jaw. Look at the size of that tusk.
Wild Boar Piglet216 viewsThis little fella wasn't gaining weight as the other wild boar kept pushing him from the feed trough. We have separated him, and have put him with the small Berkshire piglets in a stable.
Wild Boar213 viewsA wild boar at Lucies Farm, 10 October 2005.
Fresh Straw for the Pig Arcs212 viewsLaying a bed of fresh straw on drier ground, and then getting ready to move a pig arc on top of it.
Wild Boar Sleeping in Rows208 views
Wild Boar205 views29 October 2005
Alpha Male Waking Up From His Sleep202 viewsThis wild boar was having a nap in a pig arc and I stumbled across him while he was having a big yawn. He looks quite fierce - particularly in view of the length of his tusk.
Time for lunch202 views
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