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Most viewed - Wild Boar
Kalvin and the Wild Boar138 views
Wild Boar Running Along the Fence134 views
Running Wild Boar133 viewsThey're a bit camera-shy. My efforts to try to have them run towards me (and the camera) weren't hugely successful. But I got lots of photos of them running away.
It's a pig thing133 views
Marjorie and the Wild Boar130 viewsMarjorie was helping me by trying to gently chase the wild boar in my direction (and that of the camera). This little fella didn't want to be chased anywhere: he's giving Marjorie the stare, and she's giving it right back to him.
Wild Boar126 views
Wild Boar124 views
Brother and Sister123 viewsOr two sisters? Can't really get close enough to tell.
Wild Boar Piglet on the Run122 views
Wild Boar in the Mud From Recent Heavy Rains122 viewsDespite the presence of elaborate land drains (installed by us when we purchased this property) it still gets very muddy when we have heavy rains. We are installing hard core on the upper portion of the field so the wild pigs will have a dry area.
Wild Boar120 views
Using the Tractor to Move a Pig Arc120 viewsThe wild boar move the pig arcs everywhere. We're moving this one (with the help of the tractor) from a wet part of the field to a drier part, with fresh straw.
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