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Most viewed - Olympics - Torino 2006
Winners Podium at the Torino Olympics - Pair Figure Skating2907 viewsFebruary 13 2006 at the Palavela: Gold TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim RUS 135.84;
Silver ZHANG Dan / ZHANG Hao CHN 125.01; Bronze SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo CHN 124.59.
Xenon for Torino - Piazza Castello - Jenny Holzer1541 viewsTorino has a programme called "Luci d'Artista." Jenny Holzer uses powerful Xenon lights to project "her words with the intention of contrasting ignorance and violence with sweetness and moral courage." The English didn't make much sense to Marjorie and me, but the castle was impressive.
Sophie Richard (Coach) and Jessica Dubé - Team Canada535 viewsWaiting for the results of the Pair Figure Skating, Torino 2006 Olympics, Palavela, February 13 2006
Mole Antonelliana - Il Volo Dei Numeri484 viewsThe Mole (or "heap") Antonelliana is the symbol of Torino. The red neon numbers up the side, by Mario Merz, are the Fibonacci numbers.
Me at the Palavella for the Pair Figure Skating450 viewsChase has started calling me "Big Boot Boy." But at least they could wheel me right to this seat.
Olympic Mascots - Neve and Gliz447 views"She is a soft, friendly and elegant snowball. He is a lively and playful ice cube. The shapes of their bodies and the sounds of their names, Neve and Gliz remind us of the two vital elements for practising winter sports: snow and ice." Designed by Portuguese designer Pedro Albuquerque.
Journalists at the Men's Speed Skating Championship425 viewsOval Lingotto, Torino, February 13 2006
A Caribineri (Policeman) in Cesana Pariol305 viewsThe cashier at a restaurant near our hotel observed, "We thought we'd be invaded by tourists. Instead, we were invaded by the police." Most caribineri were glum and unfriendly. This gentleman, however, was different. He even helped me to my seat, and carried my camera.
Joey Cheek Takes His Victory Lap301 viewsMen's 500m Speed Skating, Oval Lingotto, February 13 2006
Marjorie at the Palavela250 viewsFor the finals of the pair Figure Skating, February 13 2006. Our seat was right on this level: we were close, but watched everything through the glass "rail."
Me -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy236 viewsWe went to lunch in Bra, Italy (I liked the name). While we waited for our food, Marjorie and I played around with my ultra-wide angle lens. I'm not sure this photograph of me is all that flattering: I don't think I will be using it when it's time to renew my passport!
Marjorie Sitting on the Kiss Couch225 viewsAnd looking at her new green boots.
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