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Most viewed - Olympics - Torino 2006
Me Sitting in the Oval Lingotto241 viewsThey wheeled me to this area in the Oval Lingotto where we sat, essentially, with the speed skating coaches and had a ring-side view of the action.1 comments
Pair Figure Skating - Medal Award Ceremony213 viewsAt the Palavela, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Russian Gold Medal Skaters212 viewsDuring the Pair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006 at the Palavela
Marjorie in Aosta210 viewsWe went up into the Vale of Aosta on our way back to Malpensa Airport in Milan. Marjorie saw some cute pyjamas in this store window, so I took her picture window-shopping. (The store was, of course, closed for three hours for lunch.)
Marjorie in a Red Sled202 views
A Polish Speed Skater202 viewsFrom the look on his face, I don't think he did tremendously well.
Young Girl Dressed in the Italian Flag200 viewsOpening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino
Japanese Speed Skating Coach198 viewsThese are his hands as the skaters performed at the 500m Men's Speed Skating Championship, Oval Lingotto, February 13 2006. I was surprised at how hard he was squeezing his finger. Ouch!
Steps Down - Stadio Olimpico197 viewsNo handrail for stability. This was taken from our row, looking down (note the large curtain that blocked our view). Another disabled spectator is helped down from her seat. I had to wait until most people had left, and then went down the stairs one at a time. It was pretty awful.
Me Taking A Photo of My Puffy Pants195 viewsI'd put on my Northern Face down-insulated pants and my foot cast and it was all quite funny. I tried to take a photo of the stylish combination using a mirror in our hotel room. I think the look on Marjorie's face is funny -- sort of quiet resignation.
TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Russian Gold Medal Skaters186 viewsPair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006 at the Palavela
Me Sitting Outside The Ticket Office with Diego185 viewsWe never would have found this small porta-cabin --- the main ticket office for the opening ceremony of the Olympics --- were it not for Diego. The ticket folks brought me a chair and put me on some gravel (at least in the sunshine) while they tried to sort out the buraucracy. Although we paid 30 Euros for courier service, and sent four e-mail messages and made four telephone calls, they "forgot" to print our two tickets.
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