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Most viewed - Olympics - Torino 2006
Olympic Ski Slopes -- Sestiere163 viewsThe ski slopes looked gorgeous, the seating stands looked enormous, but we were on our way to the luge in Cesana Pariol.
Anvil and Flame - Start of the Opening Ceremony163 viewsTorino Winter Olympics, Stadio Olimpico, February 10 2006
Olympic Car163 viewsTorino (Turin) is an industrial town, and the home of Fiat car manufacture.
Dancing Cows at the Opening Ceremony - 2006 Winter Olympics162 viewsWhat could be better than large, dancing cows?
Our Room at the Hotel Plaza, Torino161 viewsWe were able to find a hotel room in Torino for our last two nights at the Olympics. Our hotel, the grandly-named Hotel Plaza, was clean and remarkably inexpensive. But the room was also very, very "compact."
Two Large Ladies at the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics161 views
A View of the Olympic Facilities in Pragelato160 viewsPhotographed from the mountain road.
Steps Up - Stadio Olimpico159 viewsThis photograph was taken when I actually got back down to the bottom. Marjorie's and my seats were in row 11, virtually at the top of this photograph. With no hand rail, and my right foot in a boot/cast, I had to be helped up these steep and scary steps by two other spectators. A pretty humiliating experience.
Marjorie in the Piazza San Carlo158 viewsThe day before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. NBC had an outdoor television studio near-by (for the Today Show), hence there was this big TV screen. We had lunch at the Cafe San Carlo -- it was so horrible that we sent it back. The young couple at the table near us, from Malta, had the same problem. When in Torino, avoid the Cafe San Carlo!
USA Team Member Lifts A Colleague157 viewsDuring the parade of athletes into the Stadio Olimpico at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
An American Coach - Men's Speed Skating157 viewsOval Lingotto, 500m Men's Speed Skating, February 13 2006
Two Different Eyes155 viewsWe encountered this dog, Volvo, on the streets in Turin. He has two different coloured eyes. His owners were quite happy to have me take his photograph.
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