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Most viewed - Olympics - Torino 2006
The Path to the Ticket Booth, Stadio Olimpico156 viewsAs incredible as it seems, this was the path to the ticket booth for the opening ceremony of the Torino Winter Olympics. The booth, in a porta-cabin in the Piazza d'Armi, could only be found via a small A4 paper sign, written only in Italian, nailed to a small stake. The Olympic Stadium is only about 50 meters to the right of this photograph. This was taken the day before the opening ceremony.
The Australian Olympic Team156 viewsDuring the parade of the athletes at the opening ceremony, Stadio Olimpico, Torino - February 10 2006. The lady's dress is meant to look like the alps, with trees and small skiers.
Marjorie in the City of Bra155 viewsWe went to Bra for lunch --- it was near-by, and the name was amusing.
Opening Ceremony -- Winter Olympics Torino 2006155 viewsAs the opening ceremony drew to a close, they lowered a huge curtain in front of us. Incredibly, we could only see a tiny bit of the fireworks as we were essentially backstage.
500 Meter Men's Speed Skating - Oval Lingotto155 viewsFebruary 13 2006
Flags at the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics154 views
Ladies with Signs154 viewsTheir dresses look like the snow-covered Alps, with little trees and little people skiing. The signs were only in Italian, and we couldn't see the large monitors from our seats, so Marjorie and I had fun guessing the name of some of the less-obvious teams. At the Stadio Olimpico, February 10 2006.
Marjorie -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy153 viewsAs we waited for our lunch, Marjorie decided to play with the bread sticks.
Before the Opening Ceremony - 2006 Winter Olympics153 viewsThe view from our seat at one end of the Stadio Olimpico, before the ceremonies began. In addition to the problems I had climbing to our seats, our view was obstructed by the large scaffolding -- and virtually all of the show took place at the other end of the Stadio.
Colourful German Team at the Opening Ceremony153 views2006 Winter Olympics, Torino, February 10 2006
Japanese and Indian Athletes - 2006 Winter Olympics153 viewsOpening ceremony at the Stadio Olimpico, February 10 2006
Polish Speed Skating Coach153 viewsAt the Oval Lingotto, February 13 2006
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