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Most viewed - Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil
The Chrysler Imperial and Cow Dummy6098 viewsIt was hoped that Ross would mount the white plastic cow dummy (covered with a cow hide during the performance of Guardian of the Veil. A similar dummy was sent to us at Lucies Farm to see if Ross was "interested." He wasn't.
Ross Being Shown the Artificial Cow5194 viewsHe's not particularly interested in a large white plastic cow. Please note how he's being managed with two leads --- one to his nose ring, and one attached to his head collar. Ian Crouch is holding both.
Grzegorz Kwiecinski, Larysa Sredzinska & Artur Ivanyan3694 viewsAt the wrap party for the Manchester International Festival1 comments
Gregorz with the AV3464 viewsGregorz had to put warm water into the AV --- "artificial vagina."
Digby Gribble Taking Control of Ross3457 viewsWith Gregorz and Artur.
The Chrysler Imperial from Cremaster 33444 viewsThe wrecked car from the demolition derby sequence in the Cremaster 3 film. This now stands at the centre of the stage in the Manchester Opera House as part of Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil.
Ross Wearing the Sun Disk3218 viewsPart of his costume for Guardian of the Veil.
Matthew Barney with Lord Rannoch2695 viewsAuditions for Matthew Barney's "Guardian of the Veil" at the Manchester International Festival, July 2007.
Ross Encouraged to Mount the Cow Dummy2493 viewsWith Carole, our Guernsey cow, on the right. Ross wasn't hugely interested in either the plastic cow dummy, or in Carole.
Matthew Barney with Lord Rannoch1927 viewsMatthew getting the "feel" of walking a Highland bull.
Matthew Barney Getting Ready1857 viewsLise Marker and Mike Bellon helping Matthew Barney into his costume, getting ready to "add" Zuko the basenji dog.
Digby Gribble and Ross1820 viewsDigby in his kilt, getting ready for dress rehearsal.
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