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Business Insider Magazine180 viewsBusiness Insider magazine said the recipes in Cooking for Dogs are so tempting that Ringer is "tempted to get down on all fours and start sharing Fido's bowl with him. Anyone for Chum and Chips?"
Woody!!179 viewsFay, Cathy, me, Barney and Woody chilling out while we wait for our appearance on live TV for the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs segment
Barney Finishing His Dinner174 views
Yeah, I've got the hang of it now173 views
"Now You Can Cook The Perfect Treats for Your Pet Pooch"170 viewsArticle from the December 13, 2007 issue of the Worcester Evening News in PDF format.
It'll be OK Barney152 viewsHow do dogs know how to do that!! Barney and me chilling out as we wait to do our Cooking For Dogs live segment for the BBC World Service
Waitrose Food Illustrated - December 2007149 viewsA. A. Gill puts "Cooking for Dogs" in the Books of the Month section --- but on the "Shelves of Shame." Please double-click the thumbnail and then double-click again to get an image that you can read.
Now, Woody, you're gonna be a star140 viewsCathy and I with Woody and Barney having just arrived at the BBC TV studios to do our live segment on the BBC World Service 'Cooking with Dogs'
Hey, where's my coffee?139 viewsMe having a "keep me awake" cup of coffee. It was an early start following a very early start the day before when we went to Heathrow to pick up Cathy. Here Barney and I try to keep our cool as we wait for our moment in front of the TV cameras for the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs live segment
Who IS this woman?!138 viewsBarney and I having a meditational moment psyching ourselves for our moment in front of the camera for the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs live segment
Gnocchi for dogs - or humans!136 views
Paula's Soul Blog135 viewsA very nice review of Cooking for Dogs from Paula's Soul blog.
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