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Most viewed - Wooden Gates
Upper Hinge - Southern Gate897 viewsView from the stable yard of the upper hinge on the southern gate post. Because the bolt on the bracket was close to the hinge, the hinge itself could not be mounted in the centre of the gate post. The hinges, therefore, appear to have cracked the gate posts on both sides.
Gate Closure548 viewsPhotographed from within the stable yard.
The top of a gate post417 viewsThe post, before it was installed, reminded me of the top of an obelisk.
Measurement of Southern Gate Post411 viewsThe wood on the southern gate measures just under four inches. This is the vertical piece of wood nearest the gate post.
Measurement of Northern Gate Post331 viewsThe northern gate post (photographed from outside, from the west) is 6 3/4 inches. It's the same dimension on all four sides.
The new privacy gate being installed313 viewsWe're tired of folks passing on the public footpath stopping to look into our stableyard --- hence the installation of the two meter gate.
Photographs of Screws from Top Hinges286 viewsThese screws were removed from the top hinges: they connect the hinge to the large gate posts. The screw on the left is from the southern gate post, and measures 1 3/8 inch. The screw on the right is from the northern gate post, and measures 3 1/2 inches. I showed this photograph to Marjorie thinking she'd be surprised. She said that the screws on the right (northern) gate all started to pop out, so Nigel replaced them on the day he came to pick up his cheque.
Northern Gate Measurement286 viewsThe vertical piece of the northern gate, nearest the gate post, measures under 3 7/8 inches.
Southern Gate Post282 viewsTop of southern gate post, photographed from the stable yard, showing the poor placement of the hinge and the cracks.
Northern Gate Post268 viewsTop of northern gate post, photographed from inside the stable yard. Showing how hinge has been installed on the edge of the gate post, and cracks.
Measurement of Southern Gate Post253 viewsThe large gate post (in the ground) on the southern side measures 7 7/8 inches. It is that dimension on all four sides.
Gate Closure247 views
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