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Here They Come . . .4097 viewsThe Tamworths (mother and piglets) chasing me as I keep trying to run ahead of them.
Cao Dai Temple -- Tay Ninh, Viet Nam4087 viewsShowing the altar and the unblinking eye, which "symbolises the divine presence of God."
Smiling Sheep4067 viewsImagine how hot this poor sheep must be under all that fleece?
PAAVille on Wake Island from the Air - Circa 19534017 views
Elvis and Marjorie in the Pool3999 viewsWater temperature just about 90 degrees, and Elvis in his doggie life preserver, but not quite ready for a swim.
Interior of Burj al Arab Hotel3997 viewsThere's a light show in the evening in the tall, open atrium of the Burj al Arab hotel, with things projected on the inside of the large Kevlar "sail" that makes up one side of the hotel.
Big and the Tamworth Pig3969 viewsWe didn't know how well the Tamworth would swim: we suspected, from the Aquarena Springs website that he'd swim quite well. Here Big is trying to convince him that it's time to come out of the heated pool.
Tamworth Pig Eating Cake3966 viewsThere's a bit of a story about the Retired Greyhound Trust, their PR firm, and the 30th Anniversary cake. We've had this bone-shaped cake sitting in the kitchen for weeks and weeks so finally thought --- pigs! Here one of our Tamworth pigs takes the first bite out of the cake, going for the logo bit.
The Thundering Herd3957 viewsI had to keep running in front of them, and they'd just chase me faster and faster.
Cooked Picanha Steak3947 viewsWe did not cut this when it was on the grill -- this kept the juices inside. When we cut it, hot, on the cutting board, the delicious melted Kobe fat just poured out. Delicious with a simple salad.
Wrong Way, Dear3937 viewsAs the sow we'd just moved from the other field (and had also just weaned her first litter of piglets) came out of the truck, her two sisters were curious and were heading inside.
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