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Scottish | Kobe Shabu Shabu Beef3377 viewsThis is aged Scottish | Kobe topside, frozen, and then cut paper thin. We pack it on special grease proof, food-grade paper. It's delicious in shabu shabu --- and we have a good customer who eats in raw, as carpaccio.
Pull That Bull3347 views
No overcrowding here - check out the size of the bed3347 views
Gregorz with the AV3306 viewsGregorz had to put warm water into the AV --- "artificial vagina."
The Berkshire - Tamworth Meeting3296 viewsThe little (younger) Berkshire piglet greeting the larger (and slightly older) Tamworth piglet.
Tapa and the Daisy Sprinkler3267 viewsWe bought this silly yellow daisy sprinkler at the BBC Garden Show --- for Tapa. We knew he'd chase the water all over the place. And he did, for hours. When we shut it off, he'd stand at look at the limp daisy, waiting for it to do something. So we'd have to turn it on again.
Chase and Conchita3261 viewsConchita understood how to pull the little donkey cart, but preferred to just stand.
Wot a surprise - food. An amazing buffet feast.3233 views
Swimming Pigs - Maxim Magazine, January 053205 viewsOur accountant sent us this photograph from Maxim magazine showing one of our Tamworth pigs having a nice swim in the pool.
Kiko & Tapa in their Favorite Position3161 views....begging for food....!1 comments
Cao Dai Temple -- Tay Ninh, Viet Nam3137 viewsShowing the altar and the unblinking eye, which "symbolises the divine presence of God."
Coloured chickens at the mega market in Morisset July 2005.jpg
Coloured chickens3119 viewsWe saw these coloured chickens at a market we visited in Morisset1 comments
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