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Cao Dai Temple -- Tay Ninh, Viet Nam3662 viewsShowing the altar and the unblinking eye, which "symbolises the divine presence of God."
No overcrowding here - check out the size of the bed3644 views
Big and the Tamworth Pig3590 viewsWe didn't know how well the Tamworth would swim: we suspected, from the Aquarena Springs website that he'd swim quite well. Here Big is trying to convince him that it's time to come out of the heated pool.
Kiko & Tapa in their Favorite Position3550 views....begging for food....!1 comments
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets3530 viewsThe Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot piglets ready to go to their new home in the Cotswolds. We brought them into the stable to give them a bath, and put them on some fresh straw, before their trip to their new home.
The Thundering Herd3524 viewsI had to keep running in front of them, and they'd just chase me faster and faster.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies3521 views1 comments
Wrong Way, Dear3520 viewsAs the sow we'd just moved from the other field (and had also just weaned her first litter of piglets) came out of the truck, her two sisters were curious and were heading inside.
Tamworth Piglet in the Mud Bath3509 views
Scottish | Kobe Shabu Shabu Beef3496 viewsThis is aged Scottish | Kobe topside, frozen, and then cut paper thin. We pack it on special grease proof, food-grade paper. It's delicious in shabu shabu --- and we have a good customer who eats in raw, as carpaccio.
Pigs Lined Up At The Fence3496 viewsThe young Tamworth boars (red) and young Berkshire boar, Westbrook (black) line up at the fence --- with the alpacas in the background.
Piggie Greeting3474 viewsThe Tamworth sow has just said good-bye to her first litter. She was a wonderful mother: lost none of her babies. But she seemed a bit relieved to see them go. And the Tamworth boar was happy to see her, although I don't know that he has it quite right.
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