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Happy birthday, Monty8012 views
Massaging an Angus Steer7914 viewsWe weigh the cattle every week in a chute called (and I hate this name) a "crush." While in the crush, we take the opportunity to massage them using our large electric massager. This Aberdeen Angus steer still has part of its winter coat, even though this photo was taken on June 10 2005.
Daschunds7865 viewsThese two minature daschunds --- Kitty and Freida --- visited us for a few days over Christmas.18 comments
Chase's Tattoo7862 viewsThe unveiling of the tattoo, Christmas 20031 comments
Araucana Rooster and Chicken7679 viewsWe put a pig arc in the field for Westbrook. He, of course, prefers to sleep elsewhere -- including the chicken house. So the arc has been taken over by the Araucana chickens.
Iron Age - Gloucester Old Spot7189 viewsThis round piggie is a cross between an Iron Age pig (itself a cross between a Tamworth and a wild boar) and a Gloucester Old Spot. She looks fat, and she's not young any more, but she can move faster than any of the pigs.
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Bury (U.K.) Poi Demonstration7013 views
Marjorie's New Polo Shirt6917 viewsWe had a young Polish lady --- Agnes --- help us on the farm. She left one of Marjorie's Polo shirts to soak overnight --- but apparently soaked it in acid. She came to us from a recruitment agency, Claire Meade Ltd. They described her as "house proud." We didn't pay their fee.
"Keey Your Eye on The Ball.."6659 viewsLiterally in this case.
Wild Boar's Snout6501 viewsLook at the length of his snout -- almost longer than his body.
Highland Cattle at Balmoral Castle6286 views
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